Milton Pool Water Testing

Ensuring your pool water is safe, clean, and crystal clear.

Our Services

Water Analysis & Chemical Additions

Water Analysis & Chemical Additions

Our comprehensive water analysis service ensures the safety and clarity of your pool. We test critical water metrics including pH, CYA (cyanuric acid), FC (free chlorine), and salt levels, adjusting the tests as needed to cover any specific concerns. After identifying any water quality issues, we add the necessary chemicals to restore balance and maintain optimal conditions for your pool.
Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

Maintaining clean filters is essential for a healthy pool. Our service includes thorough cleaning of the skimmer and pump baskets, and we also wash cartridge filters when necessary. This process ensures efficient filtration and extends the life of your pool equipment.
Monthly Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your pool in top condition. Our monthly service includes light cleaning tasks such as washing the pool walls, removing debris, and checking for potential issues. We also clean your saltwater chlorinator cell to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency, helping to prevent long-term problems and maintain water quality.

Pricing Options

Frequent Pool-users - Twice a Week

$50 a visit


Ideal for frequent pool users and those with pools that require more intensive care, whether very large or very small. This plan ensures your pool remains in optimal condition with frequent maintenance and monitoring.

Responsibilities: Includes comprehensive water testing twice a week, purchasing and adding necessary chemicals, and performing minor cleaning tasks. This plan ensures consistent water balance and addresses any issues promptly to maintain a pristine pool environment.

Once a Week



Perfect for regular maintenance, this plan keeps your pool balanced and clean with weekly check-ups. It's a convenient option for maintaining pool health and preventing any major issues.

Responsibilities: Includes weekly chemical testing and balancing, ensuring your pool's water quality is always optimal. Additionally, this plan covers a one-time contaminant check per week to identify and address any potential problems early on.

Once a Month



Suitable for low-maintenance pools or for those who prefer minimal intervention, this basic plan provides essential care to keep your pool's water in check with monthly assessments.

Responsibilities: Includes monthly chemical testing and balancing to maintain water quality. This plan does not cover any cleaning tasks, focusing solely on ensuring that the chemical levels are appropriate and safe.

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